ComedySportz is interactive competitive performance


Anna White, Staff Reporter

“I guarantee you can’t find something to do for $3 that’s more fun here at school,” Colby said.”

“Comedy” and “Sports” are not generally associated with one another.  However, a club called “ComedySportz” combines these words into a performance.

ComedySportz is improvisational competitive performance.  Its team members play various games in which they are required to be spontaneous and think on their feet.  Each match consists of two teams from different schools.

“If you’ve ever seen, ‘Whose Line is it Anyway?’ it’s a lot like that,” sponsor and performing arts teacher Jon Colby said.

The performances are not ordinary theater production. There is loud music and introductions similar to a sporting event, according to Colby. The audience also interacts with the teams.  Sometimes they get to vote to determine the winners of a game, and they also make suggestions.

“You don’t just sit on your hands and be quiet,” he said. “You yell, you scream, and you cheer.”

comedy sports
Members of the ComedySportz team acting casual for their yearbook picture.

There are hundreds of games for the competing teams to play.  Some of the most popular include “Do-do run rap” and “Beastie.”  Do-do run rap is where players pick a name, and try to rhyme it as many times as possible. If a player fails to come up with a rhyme, loses the rhythm of the rap, or repeats a rhyme, they are out.

This game is played until only one person is left, the winner.  They earn point towards their team.  “Beastie” is similar. A player uses a phrase to allude to a word, and their team members must actually say the word itself.  The opposing team must do the same, but their word must rhyme with the other team’s word.

“We do a lot of scenic games where we might do a scene, and then replay it in another style, or replay it in another emotion,” Colby said.

Sometimes team members even have to stand in one spot and make up an entire song.

Students that wish to participate in ComedySportz must try out.  This year, there are eleven students on the team. This includes eight “varsity” members, the primary players, and three alternates.  They fill in when another team member is absent.  They also play at the end of the year show, in which the team breaks off into two small teams and plays against itself.

Colby encourages students to audition.

“If you think you’re funny, try out.  If you don’t think you’re funny, try out.  If you love being on stage and performing, try out. If you don’t like being  on stage, don’t try out,” he said. “As long as you’re okay being in front of people, we go through training.”

Funny is not necessarily what Colby watches for at auditions.

“What I’m looking for is confident people who make strong, creative choices, and there are a lot of people who could do that if they ever had the opportunity. They just don’t try out so they don’t give themselves the platform to do it,” he said.

The next ComedySportz match is on March 19 at FHS versus North Central.

“I guarantee you can’t find something to do for $3 that’s more fun here at school,” Colby said.