Tutoring after school for students who need it

Troy Dickens, Online Editor

Grasping and understanding concepts in different classes can be hard for some students. Our teachers and NHS, national honors society, at our school offer many tutoring opportunities for students after school almost everyday of the week. Towards the end of the nine weeks, tutoring could possibly be a good idea to attend. Sometimes tutoring is done by students who are not in NHS but are in higher up classes and the teacher is just there for added support or help.

“Any additional practice with the [spanish] language is helpful,” spanish teacher Sarah Druelinger said. “I highly recommend students to attend; even if their grade is ok.  The more you are exposed the better you will be!”

NHS members help tutor with some of the sessions every week allowing students to learn and get the grade they want.

“I think NHS is very beneficial for everyone. It is a good way for students to tutor, but also it allows students who need help to get it,” NHS member and senior Victoria Brown said.


  • Every Tuesday and Thursday from 3-4 pm in the Writing Lab A224

  • NHS tutors and English teachers will offer help to students

  • Contact your English teacher for more information


  • Every Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday from 3-4 pm

  • Locations posted outside Brent Freed’s room in B132

  • For questions contact math teacher Daniel Smith in B131




  • Check calendar inside math teachers Alisa Vaughn’s room in A110 to sign up for tutoring


  • Every morning and afternoon with the exception of Monday mornings and Friday afternoons in french teacher Dahnya Chop’s room A111

  • For more information refer to the calendar outside her room