Senior Goodbyes


Troy Dickens, Web Editor

The last four years have been the best. I have had a lot of fun, from the classes to the the teachers and students. I am going to miss all of you guys so much, especially my fellow newspaper staffers.

To my fellow staffers, I wish you a fellow goodbye. The last two years on staff have been the absolute best. I have learned so much from you guys and my writing would not be as good as it is without you. I hope to see you in the near future in college, but if not I promise to come back and visit you guys as much as I can.

To the students, I hope you guys do well in the next upcoming year. I highly recommend getting good grades and to always study. Word hard and you will succeed.

I will miss you all so much. Good luck with all of your endeavors!

Yours truly,

Business Manager and Web Editor, Troy Dickens


I cannot believe the time is here. Just a few short weeks until the class of 2014 will be walking down the floor at Lucas Oil Stadium to graduate from FHS. What an adventure it has been.

Being on the newspaper staff now for two years, it has been a blessing the people I got to work with, the people I met along the way and the things I learned. Newspaper has truly become my second family. I have spent more time with them than I did with any other class and I will miss the times we spent together. Our nine o’clock work sessions, that were held the Monday before the Friday distribution, were always so entertaining and filled with laughs and joy. We were always there to help each other and be there for each other, and I hope no matter where we are in the future, or where we go, it will stay that way.

To FHS, thank you for giving me the privilege to be a reporter for you guys for the past two years. It has been a blast being the primary source of your news. Thanks for all of your contributions and help towards the publications. Without your guys’ help, it would be very difficult to put together a paper.

My advice to all of you, enjoy everything. It goes by so fast. You have heard it so many times before, you ignore it and then you are picking up your cap and gown and you cannot believe it. In the future, you will have friends, you will have Friday nights and will have concerts, games, and other stuff to do. That is permanent, but high school. That is temporary. Enjoy it.

Good luck to everyone in your future endeavors and again, thank you.

-Jeremy Beaver



It is really amazing how fast time flies. I cannot believe my time in high school will come to an end at Lucas Oil Stadium in just a matter of days.

Even though I have only been on staff for one year, I have made so many memories with so many amazing people that I will never forget. The people on this staff have been an amazing group of people that I will miss dearly. From the pain of Monday night work sessions, right up to the gratification of distribution day on Friday, I am forever grateful for the knowledge and memories I have gained as an FHS reporter. I love everyone on staff, and I wish the terrific underclassmen luck for next year.

As for FHS, I have had an amazing four years under the great teachers and staff members. I have made so many memories with great friends that I will treasure when we part in college. There are many students in this school who have contributed to the person that I am today. I will miss every one of them and all of the great memories that I have made. I am also going to miss our heated rivalry with the high school across town, who shall remain nameless.

I have nothing but thanks to everyone that has made these last few years such a great experience. Finally, if there is one thing I will remember from FHS, it is that I will always have pride, show character, and build tradition.

Thanks for everything,

Nick McGrath



It has the end of the year now and it almost feels like yesterday when I first walked into this school my freshman year thinking I was going to be lost on my first day.

Overall it has been a great experience here at FHS. I had learned so much from my teachers, peers and friends.

I think the one class I will never forget is American Experience because Renee Vanlandingham and Gretchen Kinney has helped me grow up out of my slacking stage and they taught me that independence is probably the strongest skill you could use in life. The class has helped me with my writing and reading and because it was also a history class; I was never more in love with the history of our country.

This year I was new to the newspaper staff and I wish I were able to take this class longer only because I have had such an amazing time being with the staff members making them laugh, annoyed and crazy when I was screaming people’s name such as “MARIA”.  This class was my top priority before anything else because I considered this class as a job, a good one of course.

To my staff members and Mrs. Brown, thank you for this amazing experience. I enjoyed writing the stories for the school, going out and taking pictures and learn the tools that you can use on Photoshop and InDesign, because of this class I’ve been come a better writer and photographer.

Hugs and butterfly kisses,

Stephanie Amador