Top 100 students ceremony


Anna White, Staff Reporter

The top 100 ceremony for top 25 students in each class was hosted on May 18.  Sophomore Priyanka Shah was in the top twenty five of her class.  She said she was excited when she found out she where she placed.

“I showed my mom, and she started screaming, and I started screaming,” Shah said.

She works for a long time each day to achieve her grades, spending three or four hours on homework, and then studying for another two.  Shah feels it is worth the work.

“It makes me feel accomplished-like I’m actually doing things that are going to prepare me for college. It just makes me feel better about myself,” she said.

Shah described the awards ceremony as elegant.  She liked the senior speeches, which honor their most influential teacher.

“They were emotional.  Definitely sentimental. There were interesting speeches; some people did guitar solos, some people did poetry, some people had really cheesy chemistry jokes,” she said.

Staying organized is part of how Shah achieves her grades, but she feels the need to be creative, too.

“If I don’t feel creative enough, then I make a mess in my room,” she said. “It helps me concentrate sometimes because if I can just keep my mind open, then I can think of problem solving in a different way.”

Top 100 Students:

Freshmen: Noah Alderton, Elizabeth Brown, Cameron Case, Jacob Conrad, Lisa Frishcosy, Morgan Harris, Evan Hodes, Marie Hughey, Ashley Justice, Elijah Kipp, Olivia Korte, Connor Krehbiel, Mia Lord, Aston Murray, Evan Parker, Justin Pope, Taylor Rambo, Joshua Roth, Joonu Ryu, Connor Sohalski, Kyle Tacken, Ioana Tcholakova, Bryn Tierney, Emma Wellington, Dillon Zaugg

Sophomores: Alexander Brown, Zachary Brown, Katelin Burow, Katherine Colvin, Kelsie Dale, Vincent Dixon, Katharina Fransen, Kendall Gardner, Afshan Hussain, Alexander Johnson, Natalie Kraft, Emily Lindbloom, Lauren Meadows, Gabriel Paree-Huff, Audrey Pratt, Lynn Pratt, Jorge Salcedo, Andrew Schingel, Priyanka Sha, Chloe Snipes, Halie Szilayi, Alexander Todd, Emily tong, Shinya Wai, Nicholas Zimmerman

Juniors: Jude Asamoah, Molly Baldwin, Haley Clasen, NIcholas Curtis, Rachel Doherty, Noah Ervin, Bejamin Ferris, Sean Flannery, Kitti Gal, Ian Jean, Abigal Johnson, Sydney Kemp, Mehjabeen Khan, Kayla King, Pradnya Kokitkar, Maria Makever, Madison Peebles, Alexandra Reibel, Thomas Ritz, Tara Scher, Kelynn Shafer, Samaan Shahsavar, Chelsea Shi, Andrew Willham, Callie Zimmerman

Seniors: Josh Ayen, Victoria Brown, Lauren Butz, Adrienne DeBrosse, Janka Gal, Rachel Gibson, Monika Hardy, Megan Houterloot, Calvin Kraft, Halley Rose Meslin, Tristen Mejias-Thompson, Lucas Miller, Henry Mills, Abigail Parker, Jacob Patterson, Kyle Pratt, Connor Rudmann, Fatima Sheikh, Christina Shi, Lauren Schingel, Xiaohong Tan, Dimitar Tcholakov, Mary Thielking, Clayton Thomas, Sally Wolf