Social Studies teacher McAloon is welcomed


Sierra Solis, Design Editor

Sierra Solis-As another school year begins for students, it begins for teachers as well. For social studies teacher, Kristopher McAloon, this marks his first year teaching here after his previous teaching job. Already, he has captured the attention of many students because of his unique tactics in teaching.

School started abruptly for McAloon who was in the process of becoming a staff member only about three weeks prior to the start of the year. McAloon previously taught at Lawrence North High School, where he graduated from in 2001. Before his job at Lawrence North, McAloon taught at Pike.

”I had a lot of help. Guys that had graduated that were runners for me at Lawrence North helped me pack all my stuff up and get it all loaded over here,” McAloon said.

Although he has not been teaching here long, McAloon has already been welcomed in various ways to the community.

“Teachers and administrators have been absolutely phenomenal,” McAloon said.

One of the ways in which McAloon was welcomed to FHS was through the popular “ALS Ice Bucket Challenge”, extended to all new faculty members by principal Jason Urban. McAloon accepted the icy challenge which was carried out by students of his seventh period class.

McAloon has been inspired by his high school teachers who impacted his life greatly, and now he hopes to do the same to his students.

”I was very fortunate to have incredible teachers when I was in high school that I think had a genuine impact on my life. My goal is to pay that forward and try to have a similar impact in some of my students’ lives that I was lucky enough to have when I graduated from LN.”

Mr. McAloon smiles for the camera. Picture by Sierra Solis.
Mr. McAloon is a new teacher for the social studies department. Picture by Sierra Solis.