All Treats No Tricks raises money for Riley Children’s Hospital


Emily Baumgartner, Reporter

Emily Baumgartner- The annual All Treats No Tricks took place here at Fishers High School on October 18th. It gave kids an opportunity to trick or treat in a safe environment as well as enjoy other Halloween festivities. The event raised money for Riley Children’s Hospital by having each attendant donate five dollars at the entrance.

“All of the candy and decorations for this event were donated, so every single dollar and cent from the event goes straight back to the Hospital,” Senior Hannah Eli said.

The event took place from five to seven p.m. and there was plenty to do. Kids could trick or treat, play games, or even walk through a maze made by the art club.

“The event was a lot bigger this year than it was last year, so i’m glad that we were able to bring joy to even more kids than we have in previous years,” Eli said.

The Riley Dance Marathon committee had been working to make this event the best it could be and spent a lot of time preparing everything that went into it. Although the committee is the primarily focused group that raises money for Riley, over 15 clubs from the school participated in the event. Each club had at least 2 representatives present, so there was a lot of help from other students as well as the committee members.

Everyone who helped out in the event only had good things to say about the experience. Each person who contributed played their own role in helping the children have a safe and fun time.

“My favorite part of the event is definitely seeing the kids have fun. No potential setback could decrease the amount of fun that we all have while we’re working for the kids,” Eli said.

Riley Dance Marathon members participate in the “All Treats no tricks” event at FHS. Picture taken by Mckenzie Hayden.

The success of All Tricks No Treats will have the event be much anticipated in the years to come.