Boys volleyball makes its way to FHS


Dylan Hughes- Girls volleyball has been a staple in high school sports programs for a long time, but boys volleyball has never really got too much attention. As girls and boys must have an equal amount of sports, boys volleyball is coming to FHS as the newest club.

The man behind the club, Carlos Capo, had plenty to say, in a relieved state, about the boys volleyball team.

“It took about a year to work with the school, to get enough support to get it started. Two main roadblocks we had an issue with: one was gym time, which is still gonna be tough, and the second one was getting a club sponsor. Social studies teacher, Mr. Scott Bodnar, stepped up. He’s a new teacher at this school so he’s helping us,” Capo said.

As boys volleyball isn’t recognized as an official school sport across the state of Indiana, competition would seem hard to come by. With plenty of schools in the area having their own boys volleyball clubs, the Tigers may find some tough matches when the season does get underway.

“Boys volleyball in high school has been around for 20-25 years and a lot of the schools that have been playing for a long time, they run it like an IHSAA sport, so the competition is actually pretty high. It depends how intense we want to make it. I believe the last time they had a club here for boys, it was very recreational. We plan on making it more competitive. There are some schools in the area like Cathedral, Roncalli, Lawrence North, Noblesville, Carmel, HSE, they all have pretty good teams so I expect that it’ll be really good, competitive volleyball,” Capo stated.

If you are interested in playing for the team, there will be a call-out meeting on October 14 at 5:45 p.m. The meeting will be in Mr. Bodnar’s room (B208).

There are no official tryouts, as they are not sure how many people will actually show up and want to play for the team. If a lot of people show up to the open gyms (beginning in late October), there will be tryouts. The season won’t begin until late February, and ends on Memorial Day weekend.