Senior Blog: Procrastination at its finest


Maria Pavy– More than ever, I have been struggling with what they call “Senioritis” and all the stereotypical effects that come with that. Homework does not seem like a priority, I want to wear sweatpants every day of the school week and attending school seems like it should be optional. Everything I’ve been experiencing is similar to what other seniors face, so I thought I should give some advice on how to fight the stereotypical “Senioritis” syndrome.

Senior David Alexander has struggled with the so-called senioritis.

“I don’t want to try hard anymore, but I know I still need to,” Alexander said.

First off, keep in mind that some colleges still look at the grades that you will acquire this and next semester. It may seem that once someone is accepted into college then it does not matter what kind of grade they receive, but there are still opportunities for scholarships and colleges will watch grades to be sure that the seniors are not slacking in their work.

Secondly, you will never be at high school again. While it may seem awful coming to school everyday and this sounds like a typical old person claim, you will never be able to walk these hallways as a student or talk to these people in this kind of atmosphere again. My advice would be to enjoy it while you can! Just because you are going to college does not mean that you will never see anybody at the school again. You could make a new best friend within the span of a senior year, and that is worth more than being lazy and grumpy every day of the school week.

Lastly, I would advise seniors to try to find ways to relate the subjects to what they will be doing someday. Subjects like math may seem impossible to relate to a job that involves writing or music, however, it is the learning process and the problem solving skills that can be used in any career somebody might pursue. Whatever the subject, there is a way to look at it on the positive side and to make the most out of it despite its seeming irrelative to what the future career might be.

Figuring that there are less than two months of school in this first semester and that there are some seniors graduating early, this can be a challenging time for seniors to stay focused and to make the most out of their last year. Despite the temptations to complain and think negatively about school every day, there are plenty of things seniors can still take away from the last year of school that could impact their career and lives in the long run.

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Senior Katie Roberts helped a girl while cadet teaching. Through cadet teaching, seniors can find a passion for what they want to do in the future and apply it to their last couple semesters in high school. Picture taken by Bailey Batman.