Cadet teaching offers students learning experience


Sierra Patricia Solis, Design Editor

Sierra Solis– Many classes that Fishers High School has to offer are geared towards career- driven students. For students looking to pursue a career as an educator, cadet teaching allows students to experience the classroom firsthand as a teacher and to learn skills they will use later on in their career.

It is recommended that any cadet-teaching students schedule a study hall during their sixth period. This extra free time towards the end of the day gives students the opportunity to leave earlier and travel to the school where they teach, giving them more time with their students.

Cadet teaching students have a teacher recommendation form that is to be filled out. Students can then request what teacher and grade they desire to work with according to their personal preference. Senior Allie Bischoff was given the chance to be a cadet teacher for a special needs class at Riverside Junior High and accepted the task.

”It’s a really great opportunity. There’s a lot of responsibility that comes with it because when you leave the school, you’re a representative of Fishers High School. You’re going to be a teacher for children a lot younger than you, and you need to have the responsibility of being the adult figure,” Bischoff said.

Bischoff was the only high school student to pursue cadet teaching in a special need environment. Throughout Bischoff’s experience, her teacher was able to guide her throughout the transition of becoming the teacher.

“Interacting with the kids was something that you can’t just get from talking with a teacher everyday…The best thing I got out of cadet teaching was the understanding of the influence that you have on people,” Bischoff said.

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Cadet teachers take notes on skills that teachers have so they can apply it to their career in the future.