END IT: Shine a light on slavery day


Stephen McLaughlin

Maria Pavy– Worldwide, there are more than 27 million slaves. Not the type of slaves seen on colonial plantations or medieval manors, but people enslaved because of human trafficking, bonded labor and debt. Unknown to most people, the purpose of the End It movement day on Feb. 27 is to shine a light on slavery and to get the word out to those who may not know. To increase awareness, participants draw a red x on their hand, post a picture of it on social media and add the hashtag #enditmovement.

There are organizations working to end slavery, despite the lack of media coverage. Operation Underground Railroad is an organization that physically rescues enslaved children. In the past, they have rescued children from Columbia and other areas of South America.

The End it Movement has a different purpose, but still a very influential one. The purpose of the End it movement is to promote awareness of the issues and to encourage others to be informed about it. Through this organization, the Slavery Awareness day was a possibility, and the day was promoted as an awareness day.

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Organizations like Operation Underground Railroad and the End it Movement make it is possible for  information about slavery to spread so action can be taken to make that number less.