Fishers’ Lottery becomes solution for rebalancing

Linda Chang– Keeping balance is the act of evenly distributing elements of importance to keep everything equal and stabilized. According to, balance is essential for all parts of life because it creates a dynamic equilibrium of peace. The eastern portion of HSE school district is growing causing HSE high school’s population to increase at a higher rate than FHS’.

The district recently figured out a solution to rebalancing the two high schools. The district gave 100 eighth graders who on the eastern portion of the school district a chance to attend FHS for the upcoming 2015-2016 school year. They allowed 50 students from Riverside Junior High and 50 students from Fishers Junior High into FHS.

Families filled out a re-balancing form and if there were more than 50 forms turned in, then the district would hold a lottery. During the lottery, 50 forms would be randomly chosen and those students picked would be able to attend FHS.

“Rebalancing has allowed the district to balance the enrollment between the two high schools to maintain similar programs and class sizes,” said Chief Financial Officer of the HSE district Mike Reuter.

The students who were selected to attend FHS  are committed to going there for all four years. If those students have younger siblings, they have the choice to choose which high school they would like to attend.

“Instead of redistricting, we would rather give families an opportunity to choose based on their preferences and needs,” Reuter said. “This allows us to better control enrollments, more efficiently use each facility and offer our students and families some choice.”

For more information about the Fishers’ Rebalancing Lottery, contact the HSE school administrators or look on the HSE schools website at