Theater III, IV students test Winter One Acts


Theater students rehearsing. Photo submitted by Natalie Jacobs

Natalie Lueung- Due to the spring play preparing earlier than the Winter One Acts, the Theater III and IV students will be putting on the one acts this year.

With a total of 13 students involved, seniors IB level theater students Isabella Hartselle and Haley Clasen will be directing this year. Students practice everyday in class and have also had a few after school rehearsals.

“High Stakes” and “Honor Bright,” the two featured 30-minute plays, both come from Alan Haehnel’s book “Testing, Testing.” The plot centers itself around students taking tests and the challenges they may face with the environment around them.

“I’m excited just to see it all come together,” senior Natalie Jacobs said. “We’ve been working on this for almost a month, and we have a lot of talent so it should be good.”

Feb. 5 and 6 theater students will perform the Winter One Acts in the blackbox theatre.

Theater students rehearsing. Photo submitted by Natalie Jacobs
Theater students rehearsing in the black box for Winter One Acts. Photo submitted by Natalie Jacobs