Bonding happens through Friendship Bracelet Club


Natalie Clark, Reporter

Natalie Clark– Friendship Bracelet Club offers friendship, bracelets and a combination of both. Thirty , male and female, gather in english teacher Erin Domokos’ portable each Wednesday afternoon from three to four.

Early last year, sophomore Kim Boyd started Friendship Bracelet Club (FBC) as a way to bring together all different kinds of students and promote fun, friendship and the colorful art of bracelet making.

“My favorite part of [FBC] is getting to hang out with everybody and seeing all of their cool creations,” sophomore Sloane Raushenbach said.

Snacks and materials are provided each meeting and new members are always welcome. At the beginning of each meeting students learn new patterns or practice familiar ones, and are given a multitude of colorful string to create their bracelets. Everything made is taken home with students or shared as gifts with other students.

Students bond through friendship bracelet club on Sep. 17. Picture taken by Jenna Knutson.

“I just love being able to hang with new and old friends and getting cute bracelets out of it too,” sophomore Kathryn Turner said.