New Emojis


Emojis add character to text messages and other social media posts.

Emily Baumgartner – On May 21, Unicode announced their creation of 38 new emojis for smartphone users. Although 562 other emojis were just added and updated on April 8, these 38 new creations are supposed to change texting furthermore.

Emojis add character to text messages and other social media posts.
Two smartphone users communicate through the use of emojis.

“I love getting to use more emojis, it makes texting more exciting and allows you to express yourself in more ways. I use the recently added emojis from the last update more than the older ones already, so needless to say I am looking forward to the arrival of more,” junior Emma Roehrdanz said.

New emojis include a clown face, pregnant woman, prince, croissant, selfie, black heart and bacon. The “face palm” emoji is also to be added and it is the most requested emoji by apple users. The most anticipated emoji by all smartphone users is the shrug, ¯\_(ツ)_/¯. While the “poop face” and “laughing face” emojis currently hold the most popular among users, the shrug is expected to take the top rank from them.

“I think I will use the new food emojis the most, probably the bacon and potato ones because they are my favorite foods,” Roehrdanz said.

These newly released emojis are hoped to be approved and released in June 2016.