Walk into fall with local trails


Take a walk on a local trail in Fishers.

Crunching leaves, scenic views and a cool fall breeze are some of the experiences that local trails have to offer.

Located in Noblesville, White River Greenway Trail is a 2.8 mile trail with hiking, walking and bike riding available. This trail offers canoe rentals, Potters Ridge Park and trail along the White River.  The trail runs into town square where shops and restaurants are offered. It is located on 701 Cicero Road.

For a “back to nature” experience there is the Nebo Ridge Trail in Brown County. This forest-themed trail is 8.6 miles long and offers horseback riding, hiking and bike trails. This trail is known for its knob-stone trail  and scenic views. The knob-stone trail offers a lot of wildlife and a woodsy feel throughout the trail. Explore this trail on 811 Constitution Ave.

“I like to see nature and take pictures of the trails and trees, it’s really pretty,” sophomore Kamalpreet Kaur said.

For a picturesque trail the T.C. Steele Trails located in Brown County offer five different trails all different in lengths. T.C. Steele is an American impressionist painter known for his Indiana landscape paintings. Three of the trails are a mile and a half long and with a 1/4 mile long  trail  and a 3/4 mile trail T.C. trails offer a variety of distances to take. Called the “painter experience”, T.C. Steele Trails also offers an opportunity to see some of the studios and workshops that the artist worked in and to have an interactive experience.

“Being outdoors and in nature is one of my favorite parts of going on trails and also getting some exercise,” sophomore Sandra Rodriguez said.

Find more trails and sites to see on indianatrails.com