Ray Goren strives to make it big and uplift through lyrics


Ray Goren’s new album is now available.

Tori Zainey

Ray Goren is a fifteen year old multi-talented musician and songwriter who has a dream of being someone one day. Goren’s new album consist of five tracks, “Those Days,” “Light my Fire,” “Down & Out,” “Songs for Me” and “It’s on You.” His music is catchy and flowing and makes you want to sing along.

The first song on the album is “Those Days”. The song repeats it’s self a lot but is still catchy and makes you feel positive. The second song is “Light my Fire”. It has a lot of repetition as well. Typically If you repeat too much it gets annoying but this song does not . The third song is “Down & Out”. The song is telling you that you are strong. It makes you feel like you can do anything. The fourth song is “Song for Me”. This song shows the fun side of Gorens work, it’s keeps the beat going. Goren last song on the album is “It’s on You”. The song is very relaxed compared to “Song for Me”. Overall I would keep up with Ray Goren’s future albums coming out.