Racism in America… A Big Issue to Most


The results of the survey taken over 1,951 Americans from Aug. 25 – Oct. 3. Graphic made by Mo Wood.

Mo Wood , Reporter

News anchors on the television is calmly going over the details of another police shooting, no one is really paying attention. These kinds of stories are all too familiar to Americans today. A black person was shot by a police officer and the police officer got away with it. The riots in Ferguson, in Maryland, they are no longer unusual occurrences.

CNN and the Kaiser Family Foundation recently took a survey over what people think about racism in America. The survey began in 1995 where 41 percent of Americans thought that racism was a problem, then in 2011 28 percent of Americans thought racism was a problem, and now this year 49 percent of Americans think racism is a problem.

According to the poll, 66 percent of the black people surveyed said racism was a big problem, 64 percent of hispanics agreed and only 43 percent of white people surveyed also agreed. Sixty-eight percent of black people surveyed in 1995 said racism was a big problem but the hispanics disagreed with less than 50 percent saying racism was a problem. The numbers dropped in 2011, with 50 percent of black people saying that racism was a big problem.

The survey’s results were clear with uproar over police brutality and comments made by people like Donald Trump about Islam, people are becoming more aware of racism in America, it is a problem, according to over half of those surveyed.