‘We The People’ is preparing for state competitions


A two-hour-long debate practice after school every Wednesday, practice is a warm up for the state finals of next week.

We The People is a program created in 1987; it was named after the first three words from the Constitution of the United States. It group consists of individuals who learn about the history of the principles behind the constitution and go before judges with ready statements for any possible question, this is to test the knowledge of the participants.

“They don’t know what those questions are going to be, so they really need to be experts on the topic. Legislation of laws, Supreme Court cases and others, so they can bring that evidence to backup their argument,” academic team sponsor Liz Paternoster said.

The school’s academic team competed against 11 high school teams in regionals winning their division and second place overall. The state finals will be held at Dec. 13 and 14. If the team makes it to the nationals, the next competition will be at Washington D.C in April.

For practices, the team meets every Wednesday in room H127 or H128 from 6-8pm where they do practices as debates, read the newspaper to learn about the reality of the world or make class work at their first period class.

For more information about ‘We the people’ program students may visit U.S. Department of Education or contact Mrs.Paternoster for an appointment at [email protected]