Poetry club prepares to slam HSE


Sophomore Sofi Mendez reads a poem to poetry club at Noble Coffee on Jan. 15.

Poetry club hopes to defeat HSE at the fourth annual poetry slam on April 28 in the HSE CCA. Each school will chose ten competitors to perform an original poem, which will be scored by judges.

“Usually it’s a really great event. Typically the poems are memorized and said with a lot of emotion so it’s really cool,” senior Phoenix Luce said.

Auditions are after school on April 21 or April 22 at 7 am. Anyone who auditions is encouraged to attend poetry club Wednesdays at 6:45 am in the Media Center. Performances are typically similar to the style of Button Poetry.

“[Poetry club] is open to pretty much anyone, we really like it if you read your poems but you don’t have to. You don’t even need to write poems, you just have to have an appreciation for it,” Luce said.

At meetings, they typically share any poems that they have written or exchange ideas. Sometimes poem prompts and advice are given.