Students celebrate St. Patrick’s Day

Leprechauns are typically associated with St. Patricks Day.

Leprechauns are typically associated with St. Patrick’s Day.

Big celebrations, once a year the holiday known as Saint Patrick day happens.

“Saint Patrick’s day to me is just another day but to someone else its a really big holiday to them, almost like the fourth of July for us,” sophomore Anna James said.

During this global celebration, many people wear green. If people do not wear green, sometimes other people pinch them. Other people throw parties featuring foods like Irish brown bread, corned beef, cabbage, Irish coffee and Irish cream chocolate mousse cake.

Saint Patrick’s symbol is a shamrock. Green and four leafed, the shamrock also symbolizes the Holy Trinity.

“I wouldn’t say I celebrate Saint Patrick’s day but I know about the holiday and to wear green and why they wear it,” James said.

This year Indiana held a Saint Patrick’s day parade at the Monument Circle for people to celebrate and have fun.