Tiger Cafe app provides students with quicker options


Screenshot of the FHS Cafe app

Tiger Cafe is now available for free download on the app store, this app allows students to order their food or drink in advance. This app is supposed to make ordering lunch or getting a snack easier for students and eliminate students from waiting in line.

“The app would make things a lot more convenient and simple and it would be more practical for students that are in a hurry,” sophomore Emily Morrow said.

Students have 18 options for drinks and 19 for food, ranging from coffee, water, juice, milk, sandwiches and yogurt.

When students order their item, the amount will be deducted from their lunch account. To order, students must add the item to the cart and go to the check out. They must enter their first and last name, email address, wait time- which range from five to 30 minutes, their lunch number and any additional comments they wish to add to their order.

“I would definitely use the app, to make things more efficient for kids who are going through the lunch line,” Morrow said.

Students can access the tiger cafe website here, or students can access the app on the app store here.