Café Society serves up a quirky classic



Director Woody Allen and actress Kristen Stewart sit together at press conference and talk about the movie premiere at Cannes Film Festival on May 11. Photo courtesy of Tribune News Service.

Claire Rosenthall, Sports Editor

‘Café society’ refers to the high life in New York City.  In the movie main character Bobby Dorfman, played by Jessie Eisenberg, finds that neither that life or the Hollywood life he tried for fits him.

Directed and narrated by Woody Allen, “Café Society” takes viewers back to the 1930’s which is filled with the rich and powerful of Los Angeles, where most of the movie takes place at.

The plot is based on a young man, Bobby, trying to live the American dream and pursuing his out of reach goals.

To postpone his plans even more comes along Vonnie, played by Kristen Stewart, which lands Bobby in an unexpected love triangle. This is what leads to his fall back on the wrong women, a typical response for failure of a partner interest.

Some viewers feel as if they are being taken back to the Twilight Saga with Kristen Stewart and her love triangle even though she seems highly un-interested in both. I did not feel that way as Stewart’s character was not the main focus of the movie but more Eisenberg, who has been a favorite of mine.

The movie first appeared at the Cannes Film Festival but did not land well as the expectations were set high for Allen. As the production has been showed at certain theaters in the US there has only been positive feedback. For not a widely known film there are many known actors who appear throughout like Steve Carell, Blake Lively and more.

This film is playing on certain dates at AMC and becomes completely open to the public on July 15.