RPG club plays their role



“Dungeons & Dragons” was released online in 2006, which originated as a board role playing game. Photo by Tribune News Service.

Maggie Lewellen , Reporter

RPG, or role playing games, are common amongst conventions or in a gamer’s home, played among friends

The FHS RPG club meets every other Tuesday in the CCA until 4.

The students often separate into two groups: one plays the classic Dungeons and Dragons while the other plays a card-based game called Magic. Performing Arts teacher Chris Penzenik hosts and moderates the games played so that all games are played fairly.

“Last year some students thought it was smart to bring in other board type games like Cards Against Humanity which really doesn’t tie into our club. It hurt our reputation for a while as an RPG club. Now that we’ve been back into playing the real RPGs like D&D, it’s much better this year,” senior Louis Coombs said during the meeting on May 17.