Cru welcomes everyone


Expect to listen to music, play games and have snacks while talking about God at Cru Monday nights at 7:17-8:30 in the school cafe. Photo by Alaina Gabbard.

Alaina Gabbard, Reporter

Cru provides opportunities for students to make over 300 new friends.

“The main thing about Cru is helping students to grow spiritually and understand how God relates to their lives,” Fishers adult Cru leader Mark Michal said.

Cru   is Campus Crusade for Christ International. The organization’s locally based  team that tackles all the issues of life. Each event is mostly student led.

“Cru is a safe place to come when you do not know what is going on friend-wise. It is a comfortable place to come to have fun and be yourself and to find a purpose and figure out what you are doing in life,” senior Brooke Casebolt said.

There are team members who are centered on faith-based values and genuine acceptance that students can always talk to and trust. Some weeks there are smaller groups that are made up of about eight people that allows students to get into deeper conversations. Then, on other weeks, everyone stays together and they share their testimonies and sing.

“We have a number of people that are not Christians that come just because they feel loved here and that’s what we want” Michal said.

Many retreats and conferences take place every year that anyone is welcome to go to. The biggest conference Cru has is Fastbreak. It is a weekend getaway in Kentucky every year in January where you can focus on growing with God.

“We except and love everybody. Also, we love to see smiling faces,” adult team member Deborah Foxworth said.

This year HSE students are joining together with Fishers students to worship God. This event starts at 7:17 and goes until 8:30 every Monday night.

“I have met some of my best friends and hopefully my lifelong friends at Cru. They are always there to support me whenever I need help and they are along with me and praying for me. God is good,” Casebolt said.