Homecoming proposals bring students together


Junior Hannah Rodgers and her girlfriend celebrate after a homecoming proposal in September of 2015. Photo courtesy of Deybrian Redd.

Seana Jordan, Reporter

Although it may not be as widespread as Promposals, homecoming proposals are still a custom in high school and college.

There are many different ways to ask someone to homecoming, whether it involves flowers and chocolate or a sign. Since we live in the generation of technology students have taken advantage of this.

Sophomore Kaleb Gucinski recently asked his girlfriend to homecoming over the app FaceTime.

“I wrote on a piece of paper that I had handy ‘will you go to homecoming with me?’ Even though we already knew we were going, I still wanted to ask her since it is a tradition in high school.” Gucinski said.

Many students ask in person instead. For example, when junior Hannah Rodgers asked her girlfriend to homecoming.

“I spray painted a field with ‘Homecoming?’ held up a sign and gave her flowers. The only downside was that it was really dark outside, so the paint was barely visible. I thought about just casually asking her, but then I realized she meant a lot to me and deserved something way bigger,” Rodgers said.

One year later, Rodgers is still with her girlfriend. They will be attending homecoming again this week.

Other ways to propose for homecoming can be found here.