Students are wasting their time with procrastinating


Jacob Kramer is using his phone instead of doing homework in geometry class. Photo By Seana Jordan.

Seana Jordan , Reporter

Procrastination, a method so many people struggle with. It can affect individuals during their school years and after. People will do anything to put off work they should have been doing. This practice can stem from deeper issues than just being lazy.

Timothy Phycl is the Director of the Centre for Initiatives in Education and faculty member in the Department of Psychology at Carleton University. His study shows that procrastination is seen as a passive aggressive way to rebel against agents of control.

As reported by The Wall Street Journal website, the act of procrastinating can cause psychological issues throughout a person’s life. Putting off work to do another task can sufficiently decline the ability to grow and achieve any personal goals that have been set.

Junior Jacob Kramer says he is not very good with keeping up on homework due to distracting himself with other activities.

“I always put my homework off up until the moment I know I need to do it, but if it is a project or something worth a lot of points, I make sure to get it done before it is late. A homework assignment isn’t that important to me,” Kramer said.

According to, eighty-seven percent of high school and college students are procrastinators. Some can use it as a coping mechanism.

“The only way procrastination really benefits me is it gives me a break from being so stressed out, but in the end it would have just been better to do the work,” Kramer said.

Psychologists have agreed that in the long run procrastination is a temporary solution and will inevitably just make the situation worse.

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