Charitable coffee shop takes Fishers by storm


A barista prepares coffee for customers at The Well on October 14. Photo by Haley Thomas

Haley Thomas, News Editor

Coffeehouses have long been the perfect place for studying, deep conversations or simply getting a caffeine fix. The Well, which opened a Fishers location this August, provides the perfect atmosphere for all of these things while giving back to communities across the world.

As soon as I walked in, I felt relaxed. The atmosphere was simple and rustic; light filtered through the large windows and classic coffeehouse music played just loud enough. Their Instagram page perfectly captures the aesthetics.

The coffee, while not extraordinary, was classic and tastefully made. After trying a simple cappuccino, I found I preferred the Cuban, which was made with espresso and condensed milk that gave it the perfect touch of sweetness.

However, what really stood out was that the chain, which has two other locations in Tennessee, is entirely non-profit. All of the money earned goes toward building wells for people who do not have access to clean drinking water in places such as Malawi, Kenya, Togo and Haiti. According to Indy Star, the chain has built 13 wells in three and a half years, providing clean water to about 23,000 people.

To donate, visit their website or stop for a coffee at 8890 E. 116th St.