Harry Potter Club enchants Potterheads


Photo courtesy of Tiger Tracks Yearbook.

The original members of the Harry Potter Club stage one of their first meetings in 2016. The club has survived since then, but with FHS’s inaugural Yule Ball, it plans to bring in a new wave of members.

Being a muggle could make it difficult to get into Hogwarts. However students have now made it possible to get a taste of the Wizarding World of Harry Potter through the new Harry Potter Club.

The idea to start the club arose from the leaders Zainab Tufail, Rachel Miller, Kayla McElmurry and Brittany Arendt, who sat together during math class. Now they each are leaders of a specific Hogwarts house: Gryffindor, Slytherin, Ravenclaw and Hufflepuff. The group even keeps track of house points by granting one point per person of each house attending. In the future, points will also be given for accomplishments made by individuals like successfully remembering a spell.

Besides a Harry Potter movie showings, feasts and spell learning days the club is also focused on an upcoming competition with HSE, the Quidditch competition. The club has gone over the rules of the game and will practice in later meetings in preparation for the big day.

“I think anyone can come, not just people that have read and seen all the movies,” Gryffindor leader Zainab Tufail said. The club does not require past knowledge of the franchise like having read all the books or the seen all the movies and everyone is definitely welcome to come.

If you would like to come to Harry Potter club just follow the sound of Hedwig’s theme to room B203 on Thursdays for spell-binding fun.