Humans of Fishers: What are you doing over winter break?


Senior Drake Mucci describes his ideal winter break. Photo by Reily Sanderson.

Reily Sanderson , Features editor

Winter break is a time for celebrating the holidays, relaxation after finals and other activities.  Many times experiences differ, According to the Daily Herald some of the top ways to spend winter break is: celebrating as a family,  going ice skating, looking at Christmas lights and going to the movies.


Drake Mucci: I’m sleeping because school has caused me to lose, hours and hours of sleep.

Marcy Clone: So over winter break, we are going to be celebrating with friends and family, my husband’s favorite time of year is Christmas. So we are going downtown to The Spaghetti Factory and look at the Christmas down there and all the holiday experiences that go along with it. Gingerbread houses and New Year’s Eve party at home with the family, with streamers and noise makers and board games

Ashanti Ricks: Over winter break, I’m going out of town to see my family because it’s been a long time.