Drake gives More Life to his fans with new playlist

Track 3, Passion Fruit on More Life is a tropical sounding track speaking of love and romance. Photo by Taylor Wagner.

Track 3, “Passion Fruit” on “More Life” is a tropical sounding track speaking of love and romance. Photo by Taylor Wagner.

Taylor Wagner, Social Media Editor

Mixing R&B, rap, Caribbean sounds and house music, Drake has created a groundbreaking playlist, “More Life.” This playlist brings about evolutionary changes for the industry and the artists following. Having released his sixth album, “Views” in April of 2016, Drake’s sound and approach to music has changed.

“More Life” features UK artists such as Giggs, Skepta and Jorja Smith giving the album a fresh twist and influences on his tracks. “More Life” also features more commonly known American artists such as Quavo from the trio rap group “Migos,” Young Thug, Travis Scott and Kanye West. The playlist in its entirety is diverse and individual, yet all the songs flow together just as a playlist should. Moody beats and lingering vocals leave the listener going back for more, bringing about a new favorite with each stream of the playlist.

Not only has Drake created a work of its own life, but has broken some records along the way. Twenty-four hours after the release of “More Life,” Drake broke Apple Music’s and Spotify’s streaming records. The playlist streamed over 89.9 million streams globally on Apple Music and received over 61.3 million streams on Spotify. This leaves “More Life” as one of the top most streamed albums/playlists of all time.

“More Life” gives a sensation of relaxation with tropical ambiance’s in songs such as “Madiba Riddim” and “Blem” but hints at new romances and a tribute to an older version of Drake in “Teenage Fever” and “Do Not Disturb.” A throwback to the album “If You’re Reading This It’s Too Late” is given to listeners with “KMT’ and “Gyalchester.”

All around “More Life” is another platform that Drake has taken over and continues to make his own way in the music industry by fearlessly combining different sounds, influences and artists.

“More Life” is available on Apple Music and Spotify.