Students in Action round up lonely books


Books of all genres and ages await distribution at FHS on March 28 after being counted and sorted. Photo used with permission of Elissa Tam.

Forgotten white pages rest in darkened corners collecting dust. From Nancy Drew to civil war non-fiction, student’s books are not getting the attention they once were.

Starting March 14, the first book drive the school has ever hosted began. It was also spread to Hamilton Southeastern Junior High and Riverside Junior High, as an idea to expand their impact to younger children.

Junior Elissa Tam led the project with support from staff and administration within the Students in Action club. Her friends helped post flyers to raise awareness and carry the books so they could be transported to her home.

In just the first week the group received over 400 books from boxes placed around the building in teachers’ classrooms. Despite that, some feel more could have been donated.

“I feel like people do have books at home and it’s either the lack of communication or the unwillingness to bring them in that is holding us back,” Tam said.

In total students collected 2,204 books that will be distributed to local veterans and students in need.
When considering the future years, Tam believes it will still be a good idea but is waiting to see if students still have the resources.

“We’ve received so many books I’m not sure whether or not there would be that many to donate if we continued it annually,” Tam said.

The Fishers SIA stays involved contributing to the community through fundraisers and food drives. To learn more about them follow their Twitter.