Mock crash illustrates the consequences of drunk driving



High school seniors watch a drunk driving crash simulation in Hinsdale, Ill., on April 27, 2016. Photo used with permission from Tribune News Service.

The mock car crash began nearly ten years ago in order to raise awareness of drunk driving and the dangers that come along with it. The crash is strategically scheduled the Friday before prom because teenagers often encounter alcohol on prom night.

“This time of year particularly teenagers aren’t known for the best decision making when it comes to prom time,” Assistant Principal Ryan Taylor said. “What we are trying to do is have a very visual reminder of the impact of what bad decision making can be, specifically with an alcohol related incident.”

The mock crash is held with the help of the Fishers Police Department, Fire Department, various venders and the FHS performance arts department.

“It is very realistic. From a 911 dispatch to fire trucks and rescue gear rolling up on the scene, your adrenaline will pump,” Taylor said.

Due to the very vivid portrayal, counselors will be on hand and ready to talk to students who are shaken up by the scene. There will also be a returning guest speaker who has lost both her daughter and husband in two separate accidents.

“We want just to remind folks to do the right thing and hopefully this imagery will be in the minds of someone should they be put in that situation and cause them to stop and think about the implications before they do something that they will regret,” Taylor said.

The mock crash will take place during smart period on May 5 and is held only for seniors. Although there are no statistics showing whether or not the mock crash has reduced drunk driving among students, Taylor is confident that it sends an important message to students who may end up in one of these situations.