Homecoming lets students bust a move, have memorable time


Seana Jordan, Reporter

Fancy dresses, corsages and loud music are just some of the attributes that go along with Homecoming. The annual dance brought in over 1,000 students. The dance started at eight p.m and ended by 11 p.m. The DJ played a variety of music including artists Ed Sheeran, Taylor Swift, Shawn Mendes, and Charlie Puth.


Students stand and socialize near the stage as they wait for more people to show up before the dancing starts

The DJ stage was in a new place for the dance. The past three years it has been in the middle of the gym but with this new setup, students have more room to occupy.

Homecoming took place in the auxiliary gym on Sept. 25. The entrance was decorated with balloons displaying the school’s colors. 

In Cafe A students take breaks from the music, talk with friends, get some water and have a cookie.

Juniors Kyleigh Treadway and Sean Garrison meet up in the cafeteria before heading out to the dance floor.

Students and guests attending, dance to “The Cupid Shuffle”, a song that has been played in previous years.

During a slower song, phones with flashlights are raised to add to the ambience in the room.