Mudsock Week ends, Tigers take wins and losses


The Royals fight to push their ball carrier a few feet forward at the Varsity Mudsock football game on September 8, the finale of the week. Photo by Kaylee Demlow.

Mudsock Week is over, with a mix of wins and losses for varsity athletics.
Volleyball was tested in a close match against HSE on September 6. After being down two sets to zero, the team came together to pull out a win 3-2. Junior Rose Duffy led the team with 50 assists and 16 digs, and senior Mallory Hernandez led the team in kills with 27.
According to sophomore Lauren Pence, a spectator, the atmosphere in the gym was supportive throughout the entire match.

“Even when we were losing, our cheers were as loud as they were when we were winning,” Pence said.

Beating HSE is important to Pence across all sports. According to Pence, it is vital to beat HSE because her fellow peers attend it, and it is fun to compete with them in a safe and friendly way.

“People really bond over the idea that your team is the best.  It’s a bonding moment even when you don’t know the person next to you, but you can share the moment together,” Pence said.

Even though volleyball came away with a win, girls and boys varsity soccer fell in their respective Mudsock games. The girls had a score of 3-1, and the boys were 5-1.

Taking another win during Mudsock week was the varsity football team. On Friday, September 8, the Tigers defeated the Royals 20-14.  After taking a 20-0 lead in the first half, the tigers managed to hold off HSE for the rest of the game. Despite the royal push to collect 14 points, involving a recovered onside kick, Fishers intercepted a pass that defined the game as a win for the tigers. Click here for N the Red’s full coverage of the game.