Renaissance Faire continues fall tradition


Two costumed guards watch over a guest area at a faire from seven years ago, upholding a tradition that has lasted to today. Oct. 8 2010. Photo by Ethan O’Sullivan.

Lances will crash, horses will charge and the crowd will cheer as members of the Indiana Renaissance Faire reenact jousting matches during the 13th annual Fishers Renaissance Faire held this weekend, Oct. 7-8.

The Renaissance Faire stages every year, and provides an event that people of all ages attend. This year, the event will take place at Klipsch Music Center, where it will host a variety of choices for entertainment.

“The faire included a sword-swallowing act that I absolutely loved, because the guy was hilarious,” Renaissance Faire attendee junior Jedryn Siemon said. “There were really cool medieval shops that I thought were a lot of fun to look at.”

Acts performed by scripted or improvising showmen include duels, jousting, fire-breathing and sword-swallowing, but these volunteers are not the only costumed individuals attending. Ordinary ticket-buying revelers of the faire also come bearing their own sets of Renaissance-themed clothing and weaponry. For those who do not have clothes, many stores provide costumes.

“My absolute favorite [stores] were all of the sword and armor shops that they had,” Siemon said. “The variety was incredible.”

According to the Fishers Renaissance Faire website, the faire is designed to be entertaining for all age groups. While some of the provided events lean towards a more mature audience, the faire provides entertainment for other audiences as well.

Ticket costs for the faire depend on the age of the attendee. For adults, the price is $12, and for youth over the age of 5, the price is $5. Younger children can attend for free, and the faire offers a selection of family pricing deals. More details can be found at the Fishers Renaissance Faire website: