Representatives visit to educate students about colleges


Local students attend a college representative meeting for University of Miami in the CCA commons. Picture by Ethan Everett on October 26.

Ethan Everett, Reporter

College representatives from schools like Depauw and University of Miami are visiting the school to host sessions where they will answer questions about their college and its specifications. The visits occur at various times throughout the school day, and they each last approximately one class period.

“Visiting with college representatives is a way to get more general information about colleges and their campuses,” senior Timmy Lee said. “If you don’t know what college you want to attend, they can give you information which might help you make your decision.”

College representatives provide students with both general information and the opportunity to ask questions. Visits are mostly attended by upperclassmen; however, freshmen and sophomores can still attend these meetings if they wish to get information ahead of time.

According to Lee, sessions are an alternative to college tours, which can take away from time for school.

“Representative visits mostly only give you general information, like the courses they offer and the sort of campus they have,” Lee said. “But it can also give you information that you otherwise would’ve gotten only with a college visit.”

More information can be accessed on FHS Naviance under the “college” tab where you can also sign up for visits.