Disney Club prepares for upcoming movies


Senior Neha Manoharan, freshmen Sophie Woodring, Quiara Wiggins, junior Bekah Atkins, and sophomores Emily Spears and Megan Strauss play a Disney Kahoot during Disney Club on Jan. 16. Photo by Sydney Greenwood.

For every Disney fan, there is a club where people can show off their trivia skills about princesses, beasts and talking animals and join discussions about their favorite characters.

“Typically, we play Kahoots, or we discuss Disney movies or different ideas that we have about what a Disney movie should be,” senior Neha Manoharan said.  She has been a part of the club since it started in 2015, and is the current president.

Each meeting is based on a monthly theme.  January’s theme is princesses, and in the past, themes have been animals, live action, winter and Disney channel shows.  Members play trivia games and watch Disney movies based on the theme.  The club has also taken trips to the movie theatre to watch the new releases of Disney movies.

“We saw ‘Coco’ last semester,” Manoharan said.  “We did ‘Beauty and the Beast,’ the live action one, last year.  So, we’ll probably try to take another trip to maybe ‘A Wrinkle in Time’ or the ‘Avengers.’”

Besides watching and discussing movies, Disney Club members also host parties.  Last Halloween, club members dressed up in different costumes, shared food and watched a movie.  On Jan. 27, club members will watch “Tangled” and talk about friends who fit descriptions of princesses.

Disney Club meets Tuesdays directly after school in the CCA study rooms.  For more information about Disney, visit the official Disney site.