How to ace your final exam

How to ace your final exam

Libby Hayes , Guest writer

By Libby Hayes, guest writer

Freshman Brynn Urban turns in her big unit exam. She goes back to her seat, relieved that her studying finally paid off. Students begin gearing up for their first semester final exams and their studying habits come in to play. Some read repetitively, while others wing it based on prior knowledge.

“I usually don’t wait until the night before to start studying for an exam,” Urban said. “I usually study notes and past quizzes or tests.”

According to a study done by the American Psychology Association, students do not gain anything by cramming for a test. They instead need to learn the topic over a period of time to do well.

“I would always to to go to study or help sessions that teachers offer,” freshman Kaylin Hoover said.

Psych Central recommends that students put themselves in the right headspace before studying. It directs students to be positive about what they can accomplish rather than stressing about time constraints and unnecessary information.

“If I don’t understand something, there are normally YouTube videos that I can find to explain it,” senior Olivia Strobel said. “Don’t try to sit down for three hours. Instead, give yourself a break every thirty minutes of good studying.”

Top Universities suggest that students should organize a study group with friends to compare ideas and clarify mixed-up methods. However, according to Strobel, revising in a group comes with its downsides.

“Group studying is hard because most of the time you’re with friends and you get off task, but it is nice to have someone to compare answers with,” Strobel said.

Guidance counselor Briana Anderson suggests getting a good night’s sleep and, when studying, put yourself in a similar environment of the classroom. Also create a routine for the test day, according to Top Universities.

“I always make sure to have a good breakfast and a can-do attitude,” Hoover said. “I can’t control what is on the test, but I can control how prepared I am for it.”