Revelers glow up at Winter Dance


All the students follow Iseghohi and sophomore Cameron White, jumping and throw their hands to the air while yelling, “I only love my bed and my momma, I’m sorry,” a famous line in Drake’s newest hit “God’s Plan.” Photo by John Yun.

John Yun, Reporter

Jamming to pop music and illuminating with glow sticks and glow-in-the-dark paint, students dance together with their friends at the Winter Dance on Feb. 23. The dance was planned by the Future Black Leaders of America club with the help of other clubs such as Riley Dance Marathon.

“The winter dance was an amazing experience,” said sophomore Cameron White. “It was nice to be able to go to a school dance without having to dress up in a tuxedo. It was a fun time and in my opinion better than any other school dance.”

Teachers let students in after they give their ticket and show their ID to enter the Winter Dance on Feb. 23, which was planned by the Future Black Leaders of America.

Equipped with hundreds of glow sticks, sophomore Camryn Fulton and junior Martha Van Valer get ready to pass them out as students enter the auxiliary gym. Photo by John Yun.

Senior Emma Gabbard paints patterns on junior Cole O’Conner’s face with glow-in-the-dark paint before he enters the auxiliary gym to dance with his girlfriend Makenzie Rooney. Photo by John Yun.

Taking on the role of the DJ, special education teacher Marc Williams plays pop music for the kids. Photo by John Yun.

Sophomore Destyni Brunson and sophomore Tamia Perryman dance together as junior Josh Jackson watches. Photo by John Yun.

After grabbing drinks and cookies, sophomore Will Miller, sophomore Trinity Kyle, and junior Alex Rosario sit together to enjoy some spaghetti brought in by club members during the middle of the dance. Photo by John Yun.

Junior Jonathan Rojas and sophomore Austin Dal Santo taking turns showing off their dance moves . Photo by John Yun.

All the students form a circle while recording and screaming, “Ay!” for sophomore Chase Iseghohi’s as he dances solo to the beat. Photo by John Yun.