Surprise launch of ‘The Cloverfield Paradox’ leaves viewers disappointed


Available now on Netflix, “The Cloverfield Paradox” follows a group of astronauts looking for a solution to the energy crisis but finding something much darker. Photo used with permission of BagoGames.

Seana Jordan, Reporter

Netflix dropped a commercial for the movie The Cloverfield Paradox during the Super Bowl . The commercial did not reveal the plot, it just said ‘coming soon’ which viewers would soon learn  meant on Netflix, right after the game ended. Many assumed this would be released in theaters.

Reading through the description I gathered that this would be about an energy crisis and would be a science fiction. That sounds promising. However, The Cloverfield Paradox falls short of its expectations.

The plot had potential but lacked one key thing: keeping the viewer interested. The first 20 minutes were tear-jerking because the main character had to leave everything behind including her children. The next 15 were all about the device they were testing out to try and help regain the energy, which devolved into unneeded exposition.

Science fiction cliches are prevalent in the film and the special effects are not convincing. The acting is not the best and the storyline does not flow like it should. At the end everything just wraps up so suddenly and is not fully explained.

There is nothing that makes this film a must see. It borrows ideas from movies that were more successful than itself but does not use them well. The title does not even make sense because there was no paradox that was easily identifiable in the plot.

Overall, the film is a huge disappointment. There was too much hype surrounding it and unfortunately it did not live up to any expectations that were made prior to its release.