Traveling with wise advice ensures comfort


People waiting for their loved ones or ready to leave for their flight at the Miguel Hidalgo International Airport in Guadalajara. Photo by Carolina Puga Mendoza on March 26.

Spring break comes just around the corner and students get the chance to leave school work for a few days. Whether vacation is by car or plane, having a comfortable trip can benefit the overall experience.

The first rule when traveling in planes is to always arrive early, the recommended time by airports ranges between two to three hours early; that way passengers have time to check in and arrive at their boarding door without rushing. Make sure the luggage is within the weight range, according to USA Today, avoid paying extra dollars by always being aware of the airline’s weight limit.

According to Reader’s Digest, to keep an enjoyable trip for the passengers around and oneself, keeping the noise down will prevent most disturbances. Last but not least, keep in check of personal belongings at all times and have the passport and other boarding papers, when checking in at the boarding door having the documents at hand will save time for the passengers behind.

“For long flights it’s a good idea to buy a neck pillow so you are more comfortable and will be able to sleep,” senior Sharanpreet Kaur said. “You should also layer your clothing so you can adjust [them] and you won’t feel uncomfortable.”

When traveling in cars, always get enough sleep and do not travel with an empty stomach. Lack of sleep can create discomfort in the car which can lead to headaches and an irate temper. Traveling with an empty stomach will make the passenger nauseous, as stated by Smarter Travel.

“It’s a good idea to bring snacks and small games like cards with you,” Kaur said. “It’s also good to bring an extra sweater on a road trip just in case the weather unexpectedly changes.”

To make the trip fun, passengers can play games such as “Never Have I Ever” or “20 questions” that way a conversation can be kept between everyone and it can also keep the driver alert and awake. According to Nationwide, plan regular stops to do some stretching so that muscles will not get too sore and the body can feel more relaxed. Stopping can also allow enjoying the surroundings. They may be mountains or lakes, but it will not be the same mountain in the next city or state.