Early morning sees religious students praying under flag


Photo by Andrew Bauer.

Under the waving flag, students talk about problems in the country, and pray for a solution to those problems on Sept. 26.

Andrew Bauer, Reporter

Students from Cru, FCA and Campus Life met at 6:45 a.m. on Sept. 26 to gather under the flagpole in front of FHS. There students stood in small groups as they discussed issues from around the world and prayed together for a positive change.

“This was an opportunity for students to gather and pray for our school, our city, our state and our country,” Cru member senior Ariana Wills said. “I think it’s super important for believers to come together and pray together, and have fellowship with one other.”

With the ambiance of crickets and distant frogs singing in the background, it was a respectful, quiet scene. The American flag blew under the slow breath of the wind. Students conversed in hushed tones. The purpose of this gathering was to have a moment of peace in times where attendees could stand as one and pray together for a more hopeful future.

“This was pretty cool because several student ministries came together and it was kind of like a partnership,” Cru leader and professional photographer Will Hoyler said. “Cru, FCA and Campus Life all joined together for this. It’s encouraging. You always hear of the bad things happening out there, and so it’s really neat for us to see students who take this seriously, and are willing to step out and share with others.”

Photo by Andrew Bauer.
Members of Cru, FCA and Campus Life join into one large circle to prayer for the school, city, state and country on Sept. 26.
Photo by Andrew Bauer.
Students bow their heads down in prayer at “See You at the Pole” on Sept. 26