Homecoming defeat ends in ten point margin


Photo by Kaylee Demlow.

The offensive line rushes forward to start one more play as they attempted to catch up with Brownsburg on the field. Tigers lost 27-17.

Andrew Bauer, Reporter

Students of all grade levels joined together as one bright crowd to cheer on the Varsity Tigers at the homecoming game. The 6A #2 Brownsburg Bulldogs showed up to face the Tigers.

The first quarter started off strong for the Tigers with an interception to Emmanuel Davis who was downed on the one-yard line. The Tigers rushed it in for the first touchdown of the game with about eight minutes to go in the first quarter. The Bulldogs answered back with a rush from running back Donny Marcus, tying the game at 7-7.

Wide receiver Collin Statz received a 61 yard pass from quarterback Marcus Roux and ran it in to finish the touchdown as the FHS crowd screamed aloud. Once again, the Bulldogs came back with a rush from Marcus to grab yet another touchdown for Brownsburg, but missed the point-after-touchdown giving the Tigers the lead at the half at 14-13.

“I think we did a good job, but blew some opportunities,” senior offensive lineman Albie Weir said. “We can’t make excuses just because we have injured players,”

FHS started off the beginning of the third quarter, but could not complete the drive and settled for a field goal giving them the lead at 17-13. They continued to fight and stopped the Bulldogs, forcing a turnover. The tables turned for the Tigers as a fumble on the one yard line resulted in a touchdown and a converted point-after-touchdown for a Bulldog lead at the end of the third quarter of 20-17.

Marcus ran it in again for yet another rushed touchdown with a converted point-after-touchdown to give the Bulldogs a lead of 10 over the Tigers with a score of 27-17. The Tigers attempt to fight back, but unsuccessfully as time ran out and the game ended with a Brownsburg win of 27-17.

“Overall, I think it was a good game,” senior offensive lineman Nate Pairitz said. “There were a lot of good things and we did a lot of bad things. There are a lot of little mistakes right now that are holding us back.”