Performing arts department features array of fall concerts


Graphic used with permission of Todd McCready

The astrological theme of the advertisement for the Band’s show reflects its theme of exploration.

Ashley Steele, Copy Editor

Concerts from Choir, Band and Orchestra come with the end of each quarter. Weeks of fine-tuning and practice have gone into perfecting their movements, timing and unity.


    Choir will perform on Oct. 27, from 7-8 p.m. in the auditorium.

    “For the Fall concert, Show Choir is only doing two songs,” senior Jenna Pyle said. “My favorite song is the song that we dance to. It’s called ‘I’ve got no Strings.’”

    In total, there will be 12 songs performed at the concert. According to choir teacher Gregory Johnson, some of the favorite songs among the groups include “The Greatest Show,” “Under the Willow,” “Orphans of God” and “Requiem.”

    With each piece of music, the choirs expect new challenges.

    “Most of us in Show Choir didn’t know how to tap before we were choreographed, so it has been a challenge getting the tap number clean and getting it ready for the performance,” Pyle said.


    “Beyond,” the name of the Band’s Fall Concert as well as the piece the Wind Ensemble will play, contains themes related to exploration and moving out of the comfort zone, according to band director Todd McCready.

    “I really like [‘Beyond’] because it’s difficult, it’s in 12/8 time which is fast, but it’s a lot of fun,” junior Abbie Quesenberry said.

    “Beyond” also includes a part for a harp, which junior Minju Park will perform.

    McCready said that some of the favorite songs among band include “Go West!,” “Mt. Everest” and “Hey!”

    All major ensembles will perform on Oct. 10 from 7-9 p.m. As the crowd walks into the auditorium that night, the two jazz bands will perform, then at the 7 p.m. each of the five concert bands will play their pieces. To wrap up the Fall Concert, marching band will perform.


    “I really like “Perseus” because it’s not a boring piece, it just a lot of fun for everyone involved,” junior Mackenzie Frayer said.

    “Perseus” covers only one of the songs that will be played that night. With each song comes with learning new elements of the piece, coming in on cue and staying on time throughout it.

    “Being in Symphony Orchestra, the top orchestra, all of the pieces that you’re going to play are going to be challenging,” junior Madilin Goodwin said. “It’s just depends on which one is more challenging than others.”

    The Orchestra concert will take place on Oct. 11 from 7-8 p.m.