Troye Sivan’s style blooms in new album


Ashley Steele

Senior Nicole Rueff listens to “Plum,” the seventh track on Troye Sivan’s album Bloom which was released Aug. 31, in her backyard.

Troye Sivan’s sophomore album “Bloom” takes an intimate look into his past and present relationships.

To start off the album, Sivan uses his straightforward track “Seventeen” to discuss a problem many queer youth face, with wanting to experience a mature relationship and the ways they go about experiencing it. Sivan acknowledges that he was perhaps too young for this relationship, however, he does not display the relationship in a positive nor a negative light.

The rest of his album fits into two overlapping categories: love and the loss of it.

“My My My!”, the first single released for the album, is a catchy radio hit. It shows how Sivan has matured since his first album, “Blue Neighborhood.”

His song “Bloom,” which the album was named after, makes me want to get up and dance whenever it comes on. “Lucky Strike” talks about being head over heels in love with someone and still wanting to love them more. This track is one of my favorites off the album with its poetic lyrics over a funky beat.

Pop star Ariana Grande sings alongside Sivan in his song “Dance To This.” With evenly split vocals, the song is well-rounded and another radio hit.

“Postcard” which features Gordi, is another one of my favorites. Its lyrics contrast with the melodic piano, which is a key instrument throughout the song.

Sivan has two love ballads on his album: “What A Heavenly Way To Die” a sickly sweet song that talks about growing old together and “Animal” which is an 80s reminiscent pop song written for his current boyfriend.

His other two tracks are “The Good Side” which is an apology to a past lover and “Plum” in which he sings about the end of a relationship. They are both soft songs which successfully refrain from sounding whiny.

Overall, Sivan masterfully executed this album. He proved with this album that he deserves the title of Queer Icon that his fans have pinned for him.