Video production club zooms in on yearly goals


Photo used with permission from Haele Jordan.

On August 2 in Cheeney Creek Park, junior Ben Schwartz follows the subject of recent film project to be made available in the coming weeks.

Helen Rummel, Editor in Chief

Students wielding cameras and notebooks can typically be found in Jon Colby’s mass media classes, but on Thursday afternoons they occasionally venture out into the school, leaving behind a note indicating where their film work has taken them.

Video Film Production Club works to rebrand itself this year. Depending on the year, members found the club was either very relaxed or particularly strict. The club leader, junior Ben Schwartz, plans on offering a space where students can come to share their ideas and other members can help their dreams become a reality.

The club is in the process of exploring what roles each member could take and what interests them.

Many times the club leaders will let other members use their own personal equipment. Generally new members can use cameras provided to them.

“We usually use any mass media equipment if we’re doing it through the school,” fellow club leader, junior Lydia Gordon said. “We encourage them to use their phone because you can make a great film with a phone.”

Junior Ben Johnson and sophomore Patrick Nusbaum began working on a feature-length film recently. They have started the script for their movie inspired by the Matrix with a run-time that would fall around two hours.

“[Johnson and Nusbaum] motivated about half of our club to join their group and work towards this larger project,” Schwartz said.

Projects that the club create are usually shared through private platforms such as YouTube. They encourage anyone interested in story telling to visit them in John Colby’s room H205 to assist them in the upcoming year.