Anti-Abortion group draws attention from students, law enforcement


Photo used with permission of Darrell Fischer.

A member of created equal stands by a sign that depicts fetuses after an abortion, that has been placed directly under a stop sign outside of the CCA entrance on Oct. 3.

Just after school on Oct. 3 students traveling home were faced with quiet protesters along Promise Road. In the hands of these volunteers were depictions of aborted fetuses printed on posters for all to see.

The signs belonged to an Ohio-based activist organization called Created Equal. They explain on their website that “abortion victims cannot plead their case, but they can be represented by our signs.”

Created Equal frequently embarks on trips to high schools and universities in the Midwest to spread their ideas. Volunteers come to speak to students and faculty on their beliefs regarding the termination of pregnancy.

School Resource Officer Matt Ruhnow stated that the school received several calls concerning the protesters and graphic imagery, but there was no policy that would allow officers to disrupt it.

“It depends on when it is, but in this example [Created Equal] was within their rights,” Ruhnow said. “They were actually on public property. If they were on private or school property there are some things we can enforce.”

The imagery may have surprised many, but senior Rebekah White saw this as an example of freedom of speech.

“I think it’s good that they have this right because it shows that America hasn’t gotten to the point, politically, where they’ve started taking away freedom of speech,” White said. “However, it may have been a bit too graphic for a school.”