Leaders retreat to conference at Conner Prairie


Photo by Alex Craig.

School leaders play a communication game which saw them finding partners with an uneven number of participants. Whoever ended without a partner was eliminated.

Student leaders headed to Conner Prairie on Oct. 2 to hone their skills in the annual Leadership Retreat. Students were nominated by teachers who saw leadership qualities in them. While these students already have leadership qualities, this is a chance for them to learn even more about leadership.

“At the retreat, we learned that being a leader is not all about taking charge,” junior Nya Thornton said. “It is about incorporating everyone’s ideas and treating them with respect whether you agree with them or not.”

The retreat is not a sit-down seminar. Leadership instruction was mixed in with activities.

“The retreat shows you how to be a leader, not sitting down and listening to a lecture,” freshman Kathleen Tran said. “You get up and you move around instead.”

The games played during the retreat serve a dual purpose. Among getting the leaders to move, the games also pressed them to apply their new skills.

“The activities were really fun and the activities made us communicate better in a group. We had to be more cooperative,” Tran said.

Information that students learn are not just teachings that may help in their clubs and activities. Some say it may follow them their whole lives.

“This information I learned can be used anywhere a leader is required,” Thornton said. “The information can be used in a job or anywhere in the real world.”