‘Alita: Battle Angel’ loses war for success

 Alita: Battle Angel premiered Feb. 14. The movie can be viewed in standard or 3D.

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“Alita: Battle Angel” premiered Feb. 14. The movie can be viewed in standard or 3D.

Cyborgs with blades for arms and bodies made of strange materials fill the storyline of “Alita: Battle Angel.” Filled with CGI and special effects, the sci-fi movie helps viewers imagine a future in which humans and machines become one and coexist.

“Alita Battle Angel” features a female cyborg that is found in the scrapyard of Iron City by Ido, a cyber-doctor who gives her a new body and names her Alita. When Alita wakes up, she does not remember anything about her past, who she is, or where she is. Through the movie, Alita begins to adapt to her surroundings and tries to uncover her past.

The movie utilized CGI that was truly incredible and animated Alita into a cyborg that seemed almost human. The plotline added to this human-like cyborg by allowing her to experience emotions like pain, happiness, love and defeat. Alita, although an extremely advanced robot, loses battles and feels loss in the movie, which makes her a relatable character to the audience rather than being perceived as an undefeatable machine.

However, although the visuals and effects are unique and fresh, the storyline seems to have major plot holes. Throughout the movie, why she fought and the reason she wanted to go to Zalem, a city floating above the earth, seemed to be a confusing mystery.

Furthermore, “Alita Battle Angel” does not end with the accomplishment of a goal, which left me confused as to what the purpose of the movie truly was. I feel as if one of the big reasons for this was that there was a lot of background information that audience members needed to know to truly understand the bigger picture of the film.

Although the movie was two hours long, many relationships, like Alita’s love relationship with Hugo, seemed too rushed and the motives of each character were not even truly clear by the end of the movie.

With fantastic graphics, “Alita Battle Angel” is a movie that truly separates itself from other CGI movies before it, but the movie lacked a storyline that made the movie, in the end, like a mediocre book with a great cover.