Football fans cheer on Rams in Super Bowl


Photo used with permission of Tribune News Service.

After winning a game in Indianapolis in 2015, coach Bill Belichick congratulates Tom Brady.

Football’s biggest game is approaching as Feb. 3 is Super Sunday. Super Bowl LIII will see the New England Patriots take on the Los Angeles Rams. Both teams are coming off of close, and in some cases, controversial wins.

With this year’s game, one team is the fan-favorite of FHS students. Out of 103 students poled, 85 percent picked the Rams as the team they are rooting for. For many of these people, the main reason they are pulling for the Rams is because of a dislike for aspects of the Patriots.

“Some people say that I don’t like the Patriots,” freshman Ben Ditlinger said. “But the main thing is that I don’t like Bill Belichick or Tom Brady.”

While many are pulling for Los Angeles to upend the five-time Super Bowl winning duo of Belichick and Brady, some do not believe that the Rams will be able to do it.

“The Patriots always seem to find a way to win,” freshman Lauren Bronson said. “They win, even if they need to bend the rules a little.”

While some worry that the Patriots will find a way no matter what, some feel the Rams can get the win. They cite what they have seen from the two teams as what will be the difference.

“The Rams could win because when you compare these two defenses, the Rams are clearly on top,” Ditlinger said.